Hop Hare Crystal Essential Oil Roll On - The Moon, Amethyst

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A mystical and aromatherapeutic experience - When essential oils meets the power of crystals. Each Hop Hare roll-on bottle features specially selected essential oil blend, chosen for its aromatic properties that synergize with the crystal power. This magical pairing creates a double force, boosting the holistic benefits of both elements.

The extra layer of magic is a detachable gold-printed tarot card that unveils a world of storytelling. You can choose to keep these tarot cards as a charming keepsake or hop on a journey to collect all seven, each representing a different journey of Hop Hare in discovering scents (the essence of the chosen essential oil blends).

- 100 % Pure Essential Oil Blend in a Coconut Base Oil 

- Beautiful Scents

- Real Crystals

- Detachable Tarot card

- Made in the U.K.

Welcome the Nocturnal Serenity:  Each roll-on is an infusion of tranquil scents designed to calm mind, perfectly paired with the serene vibrations of Amethyst gemstones.  

The Moon's Companion: Amethyst  Within the heart of each roll-on lies an Amethyst gemstone, known for its ability to tranquilise frenzied thoughts and align the mind with a higher state of consciousness. The presence of Amethyst in "The Moon" is to guard against the night's uncertainties and foster a haven of tranquillity.

Invite The Moon

  • Integrate into your evening ritual to wind down from the day.
  • Apply as a personal fragrance to carry the calm of the night.
  • Use to enrich meditation or prayer with a sense of peace and contemplation.
  • A thoughtful gift to loved ones in need of rest and relaxation.

Ingredients Crafted for Calm

Coconut MCT Oil: Our potion is set upon a base of Coconut MCT Oil, renowned for its light texture and moisturising benefits, creating a seamless experience as it carries the essential oils gently onto your skin.

Lavender Essential Oil: The quintessential scent for relaxation, Lavender Essential Oil, swathes your senses in a floral embrace, aiding in soothing tension and fostering a peaceful state of mind.   

Rosemary Essential Oil: With its herbaceous whisper, Rosemary Essential Oil brings a note of mental clarity, gently sweeping away the cobwebs of a weary mind.

Cedarwood Essential Oil: The warm, woody aroma of Cedarwood Essential Oil grounds the blend, encouraging steadiness and inner strength amidst life's ebb and flow.

Chamomile Essential Oil: Renowned for its gentle soothing properties, Chamomile Essential Oil adds a soft, apple-like fragrance to lull you into a state of serene repose.

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